Samodzielny Publiczny Zespól Opieki Paliatywnej im. Jana Pawła II w Suwałkach

Samodzielny Publiczny Zespół Opieki Paliatywnej im. Jana Pawła II w Suwałkach

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Hospice - a second home for the sick - the investment in equipment and medical equipment and competences of personnel on the Independent Public Complex of Palliative Care  in Suwalki.

The main problems in range of preventive health care diagnosed in the region and identified as basic to solution are: 1) increasing number of patients in the Podlaskie voivodship requiring palliative and long-term care and linked with it insufficient capacity of the palliative care and long-term establishment, as well as lack of medical-diagnostic equipment 2) insufficient knowledge about palliative care and long term care among the medical staff and the public.

The objective of the project is to improve the availability, quality and standard of palliative and long-term care in the Podlaskie voivodship.

Compulsory indicators

Number of patients benefiting from improving health services - 419 persons in 2016

Number of training sessions for medical staff - 11 units in 2015

Number of trained medical staff - 41 persons in 2015

Number of purchased diagnostic and therapeutic equipment - 34 units in 2015

The direct target group is the Public Complex of Palliative Care in Suwalki. The indirect target groups are patient, family of patients, administrative and medical staff, the society of the region and the local authorities.

Value of the grant:  1347319 PLN . Co-financing level: up to 75,7% of eligible project costs

Value of the projekt – 1779 814 PLN.